15 Ways to Make the Budget FREER

  • Allow local areas to establish free ports
  • Give freedom to local councils to compete on tax policies
  • Completely recouple local revenue-raising and spending powers
  • Abolish centralised controls on council tax and business rates
  • Cut stamp duty, and set up a royal commission to look into replacing property taxes with a land value tax
  • Free up land for development within a half-mile radius of all stations, in a move towards complete liberalisation of planning regulations
  • Establish a ‘green land guarantee’ to protect genuinely environmentally-valuable land
  • Set a government departmental target of making a 1 per cent efficiency saving using new technologies
  • Abolish Public Health England
  • Abolish the sugar tax
  • Cut duty on alcohol
  • Introduce means-testing for winter fuel allowance, bus travel, and TV licences
  • Increase capital allowance
  • Cut corporation tax
  • Scrap the apprenticeship levy, and focus on increased flexibility

Rebecca Lowe, Director of FREER


FREER’s mission is to promote the value and virtue of economic and social liberalism. Articles that are written under the auspices of FREER are the author’s own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of FREER or the IEA. For more info, see www.freeruk.com 


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