VIDEO: Why Democracy?

Watch footage from our ‘Why Democracy?’ event, which took place on 25 February, with a packed audience, and the following panel: Sam Bowman – Former Executive Director, Adam Smith Institute Dr Simon Kaye – Research Director, The Project for Modern Democracy Rebecca Lowe — Director, FREER (chair) Tessa Mayes – Documentary director and writer Matthew Parris — Writer and broadcaster Lee Rowley MP – …

Rebecca Lowe appears on Newsnight advocating the essential role of protest within democracy.

FREER director Rebecca Lowe joined Newsnight to discuss the UK-wide climate strike by school children and young people. Rebecca praised the protests, highlighting the role they perform in raising awareness and influencing government priorities within democracies. In addition, Rebecca advocated market based solutions including a carbon tax. Watch the full clip here from 8:00.

On nationalisation

Rebecca Lowe’s latest ConservativeHome column looks at the costs of nationalisation, arguing that such policies not only lead to X-inefficiency and other well-known detrimental economic consequences, but that the way in which they often equate to centralised, bureaucratic control is a problem in itself.

VIDEO: In conversation with Liz Truss

Watch this event, in which Liz Truss is interviewed by FREER’s Director Rebecca Lowe, discussing anything and everything to do with political ideas and events, from the size of the state to the importance of political heroes, via Brexit and personal experiences.

FREER op-eds on housing

Our third paper, ‘Housing Addressed’, by Simon Clarke, came out in September. Here are some FREER op-eds, which marked the occasion of the paper’s launch.

On housing

Rebecca Lowe’s latest ConservativeHome column focuses on housing and the need for green-belt reform. In September, FREER will be publishing a paper on this topic, written by Simon Clarke.

FREER op-eds on blockchain

Our third paper, Unlocking Blockchain, by Eddie Hughes, came out in July. Here are some related op-eds, which marked the occasion of the paper’s launch.