Op-eds on FREER democracy paper

Rebecca Lowe wrote about her new FREER paper, ‘Why Democracy?’, for Reaction:

‘Of course, Brexit has helped to make the big issues — such as freedom, sovereignty, and democracy — of popular interest again. And the EU referendum has raised renewed questions about the functioning of our democratic system. There is interest in the overdue need for boundary reform for example. We also need a proper assessment of past and ongoing reforms to our major institutions, such as the impact of the introduction of a supreme court, devolved parliaments, and changes made to the formation of the House of Lords.

I come to all this, like many people, having been thinking a lot about democracy recently. I’ve just written a paper, published today — for FREER, the initiative I direct — on the topic.’

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Rebecca also wrote about the paper for spiked:

‘We don’t fight for the recognition of our basic rights – such as the right to political participation – because we think the realisation of those rights represents the ‘best’ way to make decisions. We fight for them because they are ours. Because the society in which we live is obliged to recognise them. If we see, therefore, that democracy is a necessary part of society, then the ‘wrong results’ argument loses its sting. Yes, it remains important to find good practical manifestations of democracy – and to address the mechanistic problems – but the manifestations cannot be judged on their results alone.’

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