On Economic Freedom

In this essay collection — which ranges from aid to entrepreneurship, and from pay to property — the writers point up the benefits of economic freedom. The essays are written by: Dominic Raab, Ben Houchen, Shanker Singham, Peter Lilley, Rachel Maclean, Rebecca Lowe, James Boyd-Wallis, and John Myers.

Project Fear

In this paper, FREER Co-Chair Lee Rowley MP provides hard-hitting insight into project failure in the Government today — and proposes a five-point plan for improvement.

Why Democracy?

Written by FREER Director Rebecca Lowe, this paper seeks to explicate the importance and vast value of democracy, on the grounds that it — or at least the political rights it entails — is a necessary and precious part of a good society.

On Social Freedom

This collection of essays seeks to investigate the impact of state intrusion on those areas that seem the most personal — areas related to our habits, the stuff we ingest, the things we get up to in private. The essays are written by: Ben Bradley MP, Luke Graham MP, Victoria Hewson, Rebecca Lowe, Matt Ridley, Christopher Snowdon, and Liz Truss MP.

Freer Immigration

Written by Dr David van Rooyen, this paper proposes that Britain should seize the chance offered by Brexit to take control of immigration, and reduce barriers to entry — regardless of migrants’ nationality, or whether they want to move to work or study — at the same time as placing greater emphasis on self-sufficiency and responsibility.

Freer Working

Written by Rachel Maclean MP, this paper examines the big questions we face about the future of work, and proposes sensible freedom-enhancing ways of addressing them. Providing a comprehensive look at the gig economy, other forms of self employment, and the growing demand for flexibility within employment, it also calls for a rethink of our education systems to meet the skills challenges ahead.

Next Generation Capitalism

Written by FREER Co-Chair, Lee Rowley MP, this paper examines the challenges that free markets and capitalism face today, and sets forth a pragmatic and punchy approach for remaking the argument for an economic system that, while imperfect, still provides the greatest opportunities in the history of mankind.

Housing Addressed

Written by Simon Clarke MP, this paper addresses the housing crisis head on. Clarke exposes the truths of the supply-side problems we face, and proposes sensible liberal solutions, which would free up land for at least 1.5 million new homes, while increasing protections for the environment.

Unblocking Blockchain

Written by Eddie Hughes MP, this paper is an enthusiastic call for government to embrace the opportunities of blockchain and associated technologies. Hughes argues that the state should focus its attention on using blockchain to enable social freedom, to increase efficiency, and to rebuild societal trust.

Freeish Speech

Written by Kemi Badenoch MP, this paper analyses current attitudes to free speech from a personal perspective, arguing that a push for suppressive conformity should not be stereotyped as a millennial problem: threats are more widespread than ‘safe space’ culture; if we do not act now, the risks our society faces are profound.

A Freer Future

An argument for increased economic and social freedom. The opening statement of the FREER Co-Chairs, setting out their thoughts on the context in which FREER comes into existence, and the opportunities and challenges ahead.