Andrew Lewer

MP for Northampton South

Stephen McPartland

MP for Stevenage

Rachel Maclean

MP for Redditch

Scott Mann

MP for North Cornwall

Damien Moore

MP for Southport

Priti Patel

MP for Witham

John Penrose

MP for Weston-super-Mare

Lee Rowley

MP for North East Derbyshire 

Co-Chair of FREER

Bob Seely

MP for the Isle of Wight

Chris Skidmore

MP for Kingswood

Elizabeth Truss

MP for South West Norfolk

William Wragg

MP for Hazel Grove

Our Parliamentary Supporters support FREER’s mission to promote the value and virtue of economic and social liberalism. They do not necessarily agree with every policy the initiative proposes, but advocate the widest possible debate on freedom as the engine for prosperity and happiness for all. Articles which are written under the auspices of FREER are the author’s own, and do not necessarily reflect those of FREER or the IEA.